fish narc - RAT/P.U.
fish narc - RAT/P.U.
fish narc - RAT/P.U.
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fish narc - RAT/P.U.

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Alien Body is proud to present a limited edition tape cassette release from Gothboiclique's own, Fish Narc! 

Comprised of two separate EP's, "Rat" and "P.U". 

Side A contains "Rat". First composed in 2014, this is crucial early Fish Narc production. Raw, rhythmic, gritty, and full of noisy blasts of distorted techno and crusted punk electronics, these were Fish's first Abelton projects before the days of ThraxxHouse and what would later become Gothboiclique's unique sound years later. Uncompromising and essential. 

Side B contains "P.U"
Extremely rare experimental productions from the mushroom wizard himself. The music is made using only sampled guitar amp feedback, creating its own fungal growths of noise and rhythm, forging new neural pathways in the mind. Blissed out and beautiful. 

limited edition of 100 tapes.