ALIEN BODY is a contemporary street wear brand based out of Brooklyn, NY. From the mind and spirit of visual artist and musician, Pictureplane (AKA Travis Egedy). ALIEN BODY explores the outer regions of the paranormal, the conspiratorial, the occult, and that which has been hidden from society and the world. ALIEN BODY was born out of the lunatic fringes of society and sub culture. An underground realm of cyberpunks, techno-shamans, queers, psychonauts, church burners, outcasts, cryptids, ravers, rebels, wizards, bottom dwellers, artists, and the explorers of the world. ALIEN BODY is the sacred and the profane, and incorporates these themes in to what has become one of the hottest new underground clothing lines. Email us with any questions about your order, or for wholesale inquiries: ORDERS@ALIENBODY.COM